A.k.a, what we do best. Check out the extensive list of SEO and internet marketing services we provide our clients. One thing you won’t find in this list, pay-per-click advertising. Although Facebook, Google, and other platforms can definitely deliver results from paid ads, our focus is on long-term growth and organic traffic creation to your website.

WordPress Optimization

We optimize every aspect of your WordPress site, including design, content, page descriptions, meta descriptions, alt tags, and more. Don’t have WordPress? That’s ok, we also can work with Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and others!



In today’s highly competitive digital marketplace, you need expert SEO services if you want to see dramatic improvements in your brand’s search engine results. This includes everything from a thorough SEO audit, formal strategy development, on-site and offsite optimization.


Local SEO

There is a difference between SEO and Local SEO. First, Local SEO is focused on bringing in clients to your storefront, or selling to them locally in your city. Whereas SEO is just about optimizing a site in general to be discovered online. We specialize in Local SEO for service-based businesses in and around Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.


Keyword Research

Keywords and phrases are everything in SEO. For instance the difference between “Phoenix SEO Services” and “Best SEO Company” is almost 1,000 searches per month! Even more, only one of those targets local results. Before we begin optimizing your website, we perform keyword research to identify the best keywords and phrases based on what customers are actually searching for.

Reporting & KPIs

There are too many “SEO Companies” that sell you on the promise of getting a better ranking. However, the problem, is they don’t give you a way to tell if their strategy actually worked. Not us. We provide detailed analytics and reporting to give you a clear before/after (and everything in between) view of your traffic and ranking.

Competitive Analysis

Internet marketing means you’re competing on a much larger scale, even if you are a local business. So, we take a full analysis of your top competitors to find opportunities that will help you gain a competitive edge. After analyzing your competitors, we’ll know how to best position your website to compete with the SEO strategies they are employing.

SEO Copywriting

Content is king. You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s worth repeating. Although, SEO copywriting is different from content marketing. Essentially, SEO copywriting is focused on engaging your audience, giving them what they are already searching for, and getting them to take action. As well, it keeps them coming back for more.

Off-site Optimization

Offsite optimization and link building. We don’t spam websites with your links, and we don’t use Black Hat strategies to build your external presence. Instead, we find ways to compliment your on-page optimization through guest blog posts, links from related businesses or industries, and more.

Press Release

In addition to copywriting for your website, public press releases are a great way to spread the word about your business. We craft press releases that get your business new traffic and attention from visitors all over the web.