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From its inception, Vib’n has remained true to its roots: to help and give back. Vib’n has built a brand that stands for something good, to be human is to connect and in our world the more positivity you can put out, the better! Their content encourages motivation, education, etiquette, fashion, chivalry, gratitude, and love of life. Their mission to give back has led to amazing collaborations with different organizations in the Phoenix community. They are passionate about empowering our youth and helping local business succeed.

The Problem.

Vibn’s mission to inspire creativity, positivity, and empowerment is what keeps them going strong. But without a solid website, everything was being done strictly over Instagram or email. They needed a place where users could visit, or stumble upon their site, to learn about what they do, engage in creative content, and sign up for workshops. Not to mention, they also needed a way to keep in touch with their followers outside of Instagram, and to build more exposure to their mission.

The Solution.

We helped Vib’n achieve their goals in a number of ways. First, we started with a fresh website design, using inspiration from their Instagram page. Going off of this black/white color pattern, we threw in a splash of red accents to make things pop. Once we finished the core design, we put together all their past collaborations, to show off what Vib’n is all about. In addition to this, we created an Eventbrite synced calendar system, so that they could easily publish new events and have people sign up and buy tickets right from their site! We even setup a basic email campaign to collect subscribers from the site, including a welcome email to increase conversion. Finally, we added an eCommerce store with print-on-demand capabilities, so Vib’n no longer has to store inventory and can easily provide customers with some serious swag.

Our progress.

We don’t strive to be the largest, but we do strive to be the best. Even with our humble team and local presence, we make a huge impact online for our clients. Here are some stats to think about before you make a decision on who to hire.

Words Written
Monthly Traffic Generated
1 +
Sites Optimized
1 +

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