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PremiumShotz is a family owned and operated business, run by Jovan, an 11 year US Navy Veteran, and his wife, Iris. With more than 50 events under their belt, PremiumShotz has quickly become a recognized and trusted name by companies, brides, and vendors around the Bay Area. However, their local search traffic was virtually zero, and they were in desperate need of more organic traffic.

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PremiumShotz Photo Booth Co. was brand new to the photo booth space, and had recently created a basic website. As a result, their web presence was very low, and their site authority was almost zero. So, they needed a complete content re-write, and on-site optimizations, in order to begin ranking no searches and be discovered by new customers.


We helped PremiumShotz to begin ranking by first targeting a list of 7 keywords/phrases that had several thousand plus searches every month in the Bay Area. Then, we began rewriting most of the site’s content to target the SEO keywords. As well, we re-organized the website’s pages and URL structure for optimal search optimization and user navigation. Finally, we helped create a consistent social presence, by matching the business name and info across various channels, in addition to creating new profiles on industry-specific channels to make it easier to be discovered.

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PremiumShotz experienced a 105% increase in unique, online users. As well, they went from not ranking at all in Google search results, to ranking on the second page for 7 of their targeted keyword phrases. In addition to this, their new social profiles have provided an additional boost to website traffic and new leads.

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It’s only been a couple months but I’ve already noticed I’m getting more and more calls from people finding me off a Google search.