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DialDoc connects patients virtually with their primary care provider. Patients visit their website, setup an account online, and skip the in-person visit to the doctor. In fact, patients don’t even need insurance for their virtual visit. Because of DialDoc’s online strategy, a good website and proper SEO was critical to their success. So, we created a beautifully designed site that would attract both patients and primary care doctors. Then, we optimized every aspect of it so that patients could find it online when searching for virtual doctors in Arizona.

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DialDoc is operating in the highly competitive telemedicine field. When people are sick or looking for a virtual doctor, their first instinct is to go online and search for a virtual doctor. Because of this, it was extremely important that DialDoc’s website show up in organic searches, so that customers wouldn’t have to look far to find a virtual doctor.


Went from not ranking at all. Within 6 months was top page of Google. Now top search result.

Also re-designed their website from the ground up, focusing on a mobile-friendly experience, which is where most of their customers would be coming from.

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We absolutely killed it. DialDoc experienced a 1350% increase in organic traffic, and a 95% increase in organic rankings. They went from an average of 68 new leads from online contact forms and phone calls per month, to around 986. As well, their ranking increased from initially not being ranked at all, to becoming the number 1 ranked result for their keywords.

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My website now outranks million dollar companies. I literally get calls every week from major medical companies asking how I rank so high.

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