Meet The SEO Expert

SEO Experts¬†are everywhere…or at least, those who call themselves an “expert.” Truth is, many self-acclaimed SEO “experts” know nothing about SEO, and fail to produce real results for their clients. However, here at Moja SEO, we not only produce real, lasting results, but we share the exact results with you! There is no “magic curtain”, trickery, or sleight of hand here. Only actual results, real rankings, and friendly humans that optimize the crap out of your website. That’s our promise to you! We are passionate about helping other local businesses get more traffic, customers, and ultimately, more revenue.

Matthew B
Matthew BLead SEO Strategist
Previously America’s Most Eligible Bachelor. Now engaged, he has a cute tri-pawed pup named Domino, and has called Tucson his home for over 12 years. He’s in love with technology and SEO, and he’s passionate about helping businesses get discovered online.

My SEO Story

Moja SEO was started out of necessity. In an effort to get more customers for my local photo booth rental business, I hired an SEO “expert.” Although, little did I know this “expert” was nothing short of a con-artist. Whatever he did or didn’t do, it didn’t work. So after spending thousands, I was back to square one with no results to prove for it and an empty wallet. This led to me learning about SEO, educating myself on all things internet marketing. After two years (and ongoing) of learning (and a lot of trial and error), I’ve perfected my SEO strategy. As a result, my prior company now ranks on the top results of Google, and gets around 700 organic site visitors every single week. In fact, I can hardly keep up with demand! On top of this, I’ve also helped several other local businesses go from not ranking at all, to dramatically increasing their ranking, giving them hundreds to thousands of new, organic leads weekly. Now, with proven results, I want to continue helping local businesses achieve the same. My goal is to increase their online presence, bring new traffic to their storefront, and ultimately, find the same success I did with my business.

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